Our Story

MindsInSync started in 2005 with three minds that shared a drive to reinvent consumer products and one very small office space. One day, when they were canvassing trade shows, they noticed something was missing. They quickly gathered 50 consumers and retail experts for a brainstorming session. This process inspired the name MindsInSync. The ideas that came out of it led to Aquatopia, the first coordinated kids' bathroom collection, and later Microdry, an innovative home solutions brand.

Today, MindsInSync is a group of 200+ people spread across the globe and united in spotting holes in the marketplace and filling them with innovative solutions. Our unique collaborative process involving consumers and retailers has resulted in a wide array of trail-blazing products utilizing proprietary technologies. As we add brands to our portfolio, we still strive to put consumer needs and retail realities at the heart of our ideation and technology at the core of our product development.